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Nominee Promotions Toolkit:

How to Drive Votes and Advance to the Next Round

Congratulations on being a 2024 Stella Awards nominee! With over 1000 nominations across 16 categories and 6 regions worldwide, this year's Stella Awards boast a record number of hotels and industry suppliers vying for top honors, making it the most competitive Stella Awards to date. The Stella Awards provide an opportunity for you to be recognized and celebrated by your colleagues and partners for the outstanding quality and services you deliver to the meetings industry.

Only the nominations with the most votes during the public voting round, April 3rd - May 3rd, will advance to the final round. To avoid elimination and advance your nomination to the next round, it's crucial to mobilize support and encourage your planning partners and clients to vote for you. Get inspired to get out the vote by seeing how #2024Stellaawards nominees are promoting their nomination on LinkedIn

On this page, you will find tools, copy and creative to help promote nomination across your website, email and social media channels. Here is a dropbox with all promotional graphics. If you are interested in custom Stella graphics or have any additional questions, please contact us here.


How to Link to Your Nomination(s)

All website links, email and social promotions should link directly to your nomination on the Stella Awards website. To go directly to your nomination(s), use the Search feature to get a unique link for all of your nominations on one page.

1. Use the search box on the Voting Gallery homepage to find your brand or specific property.
2. Copy the URL from the search results page.
3. Go to http://bitly.com and paste the URL to create a shortened link (optional)
4. Copy the new bit.ly/XXXXXX URL and embed in your website copy, website image, and share it via email or social media

You can also easily navigate to your nomination by viewing the list of supplier categories here and hotel categories here.


Suggested Promotional Copy

All of the copy listed below may be used or re-purposed in your company emails, blog articles, eNewsletters, your website, social media or other marketing materials. Note anything highlighted in yellow is placeholder copy that you need to customize and/or add your specific nominatin link. Use the copy with the supporting graphics provided, including social media images, an email signature and a nominee logo. Spread the word – good luck!

  • Short version copy (suggested use: social media, website and/or newsletter blurb, personal email signature)

    • We've been nominated for a 2024 Stella Award and we need your vote to advance to the next round! Help [insert your company name] get recognized for being among the best of the best. Please vote for us [insert hyperlink to your nomination(s)]  today! #StellaAwards2024

    • You can help us win a Stella Award and be recognized as one of the elite! Vote for us [insert hyperlink to your nomination(s)] and enter to win an American Express gift card! #StellaAwards2024

    • Support us making it to the next round by voting for [insert your company name here] today [insert hyperlink to your nomination(s)] to let #eventprofs know we deliver excellence every time. #StellaAwards2024

    • We've shown we’re among the best [insert category(ies) here]. Please vote for us [insert hyperlink to your nomination(s)] to win a Stella Award! Without your vote, we will be eliminated. #StellaAwards2024

    •  We’re a #StellaAwards2024 nominee and need your vote to make it to the next round! Vote at Stella-Awards.com [insert hyperlink to your nomination(s)] and enter to win an AMEX gift card. #Meetingprofs #Eventprofs

  • Medium version copy (suggested use: social media, website and/or newsletter blurb)


Stella Awards "Vote For Us" Logo Badge

Suggested use for : embed on your website, blog post, email newsletter or social (note additional social images below). Be sure to link the image to your Stella Award nomination.

Here is a dropbox with badges for nominee use.

If you would like a different or custom version of the vote for me logo, contact us here.  


Complimentary Stella Awards Custom Branded Graphics

Amplify your message with custom Stella Awards graphics branded with your logo.

Here is a dropbox with graphics that can be customized with your logo and image.

As a complimentary service, Northstar can be available to create custom graphics. Please send us an eps high-res version of your log, a vertical graphic along with the category(ies) you're nominated for and graphics will be delivered back to you within 3 business days. No additional charges.


Social Media Images

Here is a link to a Dropbox folder with images sized for various social media platforms as well as files that you can customize with your own image and logo. 

Be sure to link your social media post to your Stella Award nomination(s) and use #StellaAwards2024. 

If you would like a custom version of the "vote for me" logo, contact us here.  



Follow Our Social Media Channels

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Personal Email Signature

Add a “Vote For Us” Stella Awards logo to your personal email signature. Click here to find dropbox with email signature options.

Contact us for a custom signature. Be sure to link to your Stella Award nomination(s)